Gib frei mein Herz



The brilliant dilettante and the profound nonsense poet:

Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) and Joachim Ringelnatz (1883-1934).

A literary-musical relationship as an entertaining audio book to dream, smile and reflect. With Jenny Gerlich, Johannes Wollrab and Michael Schütze.

Carl-Loewe-Quintett © Linda Scholz 2022



Songs and chamber music of the 19th and 20th centuries with works by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Loewe, Wagner, Mahler and Puccini. Newly arranged for four string instruments and vocal part.


With Johannes Wollrab (baritone), Ronald Vitzthum (double bass & arrangement), Aisel Esslinger (violin), Dorothea Schröder (viola) and Marcel Körner (cello).


"[...] the fencing choreography by Johannes Wollrab, who also embodies Mercutio with aplomb, is simply sensational."

Jürgen Otten

OPERNWELT, November 2020

"One is amazed at how impressively and brilliantly the warring necks fence, in harmony with the music. Compliments to the choreographer Johannes Wollrab."

Elisabeth Richter


"Karen Stone once again showed that she has a knack for singers with exquisitely beautiful voices. [...] Karina Repova earned highly deserved applause for the turtledove canzonette of Stéphano, as did Johannes Wollrab as Mercutio for his song of Queen Mab. [...] The surprise package of the evening, however, was provided by the multi-talented Johannes Wollrab. He choreographed numerous breathtakingly sporty fencing scenes."

Irene Constantin

VOLKSSTIMME, October 2020