Gib frei mein Herz

CD release and sales start in January 2022:



Wollrab & Ensemble

Songs and chamber music of the 19th and 20th centuries with works by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Loewe, Wagner, Mahler and Puccini. Newly arranged and arranged for four string instruments and vocal part.


With Johannes Wollrab (baritone), Ronald Vitzthum (double bass & arrangement), Aisel Esslinger (violin), Dorothea Schröder (viola) and Marcel Körner (cello).

Next date: 4th Chamber Concert on 27 February 2022

at the Schauspielhaus Magdeburg.

Theatre Magdeburg

"Johannes Wollrab gave a still very youthful Alfred P. Doolittle, who, apart from his singing, also stood out for his astonishing agility in the dance interludes."

Marion Eckels

DER OPERNFREUND, November 2021

"Impressively taut and generically voiced, almost haunting Johannes Wollrab as the cannon-riding militarist Homonay."


Irene Constantin

VOLKSSTIMME, October 2020